Most women wait…

Most women wait over six years before they tell their doctor if they struggle with bladder or
bowel incontinence. Men wait even longer. Embarrassment leads to this delay in reaching out for help.
Other times, people leave this issue unaddressed because they believe incontinence accompanies aging.

Pharmaceutical advertisements help shed light on this issue with promises to reduce the strong
urge to urinate and stop dribbling for men and women in order to make life more manageable. In
addition to pharmaceutical interventions, physical and occupational therapists with specialized training
and certifications provide treatments that also resolve, reduce and improve bladder and bowel

All too often, people receive therapy for incontinence and simply go home with a handout on
Kegel exercises only to find the problem doesn’t improve and frustration increases. To most-effectively
treat incontinence the problem needs attention from a specialist. Trained therapists can utilize
biofeedback to discover what is truly causing clients’ incontinence. Biofeedback allows the therapist and
their clients to see how the muscles that provide bladder and bowel control are performing by
measuring their electrical activity and projecting it on a computer screen. This visual feedback assists in
determining what is actually causing the incontinence, even in complex medical cases and chronic
conditions or diseases and then the most appropriate treatment regime is developed.

In addition to assessing the deep internal muscles of the pelvis, therapists provide helpful
education for bladder and bowel health, home exercise programs, how to avoid irritants and most
importantly, enjoy life, family and the community without the stress and difficulty of incontinence.


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